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Law & Order in and around Tunbridge Wells

Find Law & Order in and around Tunbridge Wells, Kent, including contact details, local maps and information

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Kent County Neighbourhood Watch, Maidstone, Kent

KCNWA, Kent County Neighbourhood Watch Association, Crime Prevention, Country eye, Neighbourhood Watch volunteers, Kent covering North Kent, West Kent, Medway, Swale, Maidstone, Weald, Canterbury, Thanet, Shepway, Dover.

Kent Peoples Trust, Maidstone, Kent

Working towards safer communities. The Kent Peoples Trust helps to prevent crime and ant-social behaviour. We work with a wide range of individuals and organisations providing everything from youth clubs to security advice for the elderly, graffiti cleanup to CCTV for women’s refuges, youth mentoring to drug rehabilitation schemes. These projects help prevent crime, and genuinely improve the safety and well being of local communities.

Kent Police Authority, Maidstone, Kent

Kent Police Authority (KPA) ensures an efficient and effective police service. This includes setting targets for the police, deciding budgets, agreeing council tax payments, consulting on top priorities and appointing Chief Officers.

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