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Timber & Damp Treatment in and around Tunbridge Wells

Find Timber & Damp Treatment in and around Tunbridge Wells, Kent, including contact details, local maps and information

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Arid Preservation, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

We offer advise and estimates for damp and timber decay in buildings. We offer free estimates for cellar conversions or basement refurbishments.

Swiftcure Limited, Upper Belvedere, Kent

Damp Proof Course Installations - Cellar & Basement Tanking - Cementitious & Cavity Drainage Systems - Dry Lining - Treatments of timber for Wet & Dry Rot - Prevention & Eradication of Woodworm - Condensation Control - Specialist Plasterworks - Floor Repairs - Purpose Made Bespoke Joinery - Resin Bonded Decorative Surfacing

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