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Wedding Venues in and around Tunbridge Wells

Find Wedding Venues in and around Tunbridge Wells, Kent, including contact details, local maps and information

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Salomons, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Nestling in the heart of the Kent countryside, Salomons is an exclusive, secluded venue - for conference, events and weddings.

The High Rocks - The Wedding Venue in Tunbridge Wells Kent, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The High Rocks have existed for millions of years, yet it is only recently that the Restaurant and Banqueting complex has been developed. With so much to offer it has become one of the most important and attractive venues in the South East of England.

Wadhurst Castle, Wadhurst, East Sussex

East Sussex, UK based castle wedding venue. Wadhurst Castle is a licensed wedding venue, close to Kent, also suitable for other celebrations and anniversaries corporate events and conferences.

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