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Mediation / Dispute Resolution in and around Tunbridge Wells

Find Mediation / Dispute Resolution in and around Tunbridge Wells, Kent, including contact details, local maps and information

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Alchemy Mediation, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Alchemy is a family mediation practice. Mediation is about making positive agreements so that you can move on with your life. We offer a friendly and professional service in our welcoming, comfortable consulting rooms in the centre of Tunbridge Wells, where we see you by appointment in complete privacy.

Ashford Mediation Service, Ashford, Kent

The Ashford Mediation Service has been in existence since 1997 providing a free mediation service to residents of the Borough of Ashford who are experiencing conflict or difficulty with others.

Kent Family Mediation Services, Sittingbourne, Kent

Kent Family Mediation Services is a not for profit family mediation service provider with offices throughout Kent. We can assist with disputes arising from a divorce, separation or breakdown of a relationship including property, finance, pension and child related disputes. We offer affordable fees for private clients and legal aid for low earners. For private clients who wish to combine mediation with legal advice we can offer affordable fixed legal fees with local solicitors who support mediation.

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