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Carpets & Tiles in and around Tunbridge Wells

Find Carpets & Tiles in and around Tunbridge Wells, Kent, including contact details, local maps and information

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Old English Tiling, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Specialists in all aspects of tiling and stone restoration. Contact Old English Tiling at 01892 615730 or 07719 588986 for the highest skilled Wall & Floor Tilers, Stone cleaning and floor restoration specialists in Tunbridge Wells. We work with natural stone tiling like Limestone, travertine, marble and slate.

Stonewells - The Tile Specialists in Kent, Southborough, Kent

Stonewells is a new and exciting tile studio located in the town of Southborough in Kent. Our showroom is full of up-to-the-minute designs in order that you may choose and create the room you have always dreamed of.

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