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Nutrition in and around Tunbridge Wells

Find Nutrition in and around Tunbridge Wells, Kent, including contact details, local maps and information

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Anne-France the Health Detective, Sevenoaks, Kent

Hello! I am a fully qualified & registered Nutritional Therapist with a BSc university degree in Nutritional Medicine, & 13 years’ employment as a Nutritional Health Advisor. I hold clinics at Especially Health in Sevenoaks, Kent; over the phone or on Skype. Contact me for a FREE chat about how I can help your health problems. I am experienced in helping a wide range of painful symptoms & long-term health conditions, (see longer list further down page), but also have specialist knowledge on: Weight loss; Periods; Menopause; PCOS; Arthritis; Osteoporosis; Stress; Fatigue; Sleeping issues; Acne; Eczema; Psoriasis; Allergies; Frequent Infections; Constipation; Diarrhoea; Bloating; Heartburn; Candida; & boosting male & female Fertility.

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