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Lapland UK, Lamberhurst, Kent

Welcome to LaplandUK, the UKs home of Father Christmas. LaplandUK, the award winning recreation of Father Christmas arctic homeland, where families enjoy a 4-5 hour magical experience that celebrates a childs belief in Father Christmas.

Moscow State Circus, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The Moscow State Circus brings its latest and most spectacular show to date to the UK with this sensational extravaganza BABUSHKIN SEKRET. Inspired by the legend of ‘THE 12 CHAIRS’, this new show takes us on an incredible journey in the company of – without a doubt – the greatest non animal circus performers on earth. A mammoth cast of Russia’s greatest and most talented circus artistes, many of which have never performed in Britain, transform the most famous circus in the world, combining contemporary and classical circus in way never before witnessed. The newly devised show includes the beautiful queen of Russian circus, Yana Alievia on a revolving aerial chandelier; the breathtaking Stalkions (three men and two girls walk, back flip and perform unbelievable pyramids 30 feet in the air on the legendary high wire); the Whirlwind Rubsovsm troupe who acrobatically catapult themselves across and high into the big top at breakneck speed; the juggling Sherbakovs on the reverse pyramid of St Petersburg; the Doktrovs, flying and spiraling in the apex of the big top with grace, beauty and elegance; the unbelievable vertical pole balancing of The Alikanov and the high flying bouncing bamboo bravados of The Perushkins. If all this isn’t enough to keep you on the edge of your seats, then the hilarious clowns, Valik & Valerik will have you falling off them with laughter. Add to this the sensational production that is housed in a specially designed climate controlled chapiteau big top that is uniquely domed to accommodate the complex rigging for the aerial acts, it is supported by only four ‘king’ poles so as not to obscure the audience’s view.

Staying in & Going out magazine, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Welcome friend! Allow us to introduce Staying In Going Out Magazine. A local whats on magazine that reaches out to the residents of Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. Whether staying in or going out, its quirky reversable design covers all you will need to read. Enjoy!

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