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Secondary Schools in and around Tunbridge Wells

Find Secondary Schools in and around Tunbridge Wells, Kent, including contact details, local maps and information

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Bennett Memorial Diocesan School, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Bennett Memorial Diocesan School was founded in 1951 by Lady Elena Bennett and Bishop Christopher Chavasse of Rochester. We are a learning community, in the tradition of the Church of England, rooted in Christian belief and values. This means that we aim to realise the potential every single child has for excellence in academic achievement and for personal development and growth.

Hillview School for Girls, Tonbridge, Kent

Hillview School for Girls is a specialist Performing Arts college and as a result of this is able to select 10% of students based on their aptitude in one of the three Performing Arts disciplines of Dance, Drama or Music.

Hugh Christie Technology College, Tonbridge, Kent

Hugh Christie is a wide ability school that meets the needs of all children. You can attend Hugh Christie irrespective of your gender, ability or religious preference. We have established a curriculum offer that provides significant stretch and depth for our most able students and a dedicated special needs team who support children with a broad range of learning and other difficulties.

Skinners Kent Academy, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The Skinners Voluntary Aided Grammar School, in partnership with Co-sponsors West Kent College and Kent County Council, have used their considerable skills to establish an Academy that will be at the heart of its local community, offering a hub for family and lifelong learning and a centre for the delivery of a wide range of essential services for families and local residents, within the context of Children’s Trust arrangements in Kent.

St. Gregorys Catholic Comprehensive School, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

St.Gregorys is a Catholic Comprehensive School, founded in 1966, which caters for children of all abilities. St.Gregorys is a "high value" school (based on examination results, OFSTED reports and Diocesan inspections).

The Hayesbrook School, Tonbridge, Kent

We are an outstanding 11-18 boys (mixed sixth form) Foundation School, Specialist Sports College, High Performing Specialist School, Applied Learning College and Training School, situated at the south end of Tonbridge. We are a genuinely wide ability school and serve the communities of Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas.

The Judd School, Tonbridge, Kent

The Judd School is a Voluntary Aided Grammar School for boys, with a number of girls in the sixth form, situated in Tonbridge, Kent. There are around 960 students aged 11-18, of whom nearly all go on to University.

The Malling School, Maidstone, Kent

The Malling School is a mixed 11-18 school which is part of the Malling Holmesdale Federation. This ensures that the students have access to highly specialised resources and teaching, with a high ratio of computers to students and every Year 7 student accessing their own laptop. The school teaches the full curriculum but also allows students to specialise in the health-focused subjects of Sport and Science – increasingly relevant in today’s society

The Skinners School, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The Skinners School was opened in Royal Tunbridge Wells in 1887. The current roll is 826, with 234 in the Sixth Form. Please browse our website to read more about the history of the school, see our academic record, read our latest news and more...

Tonbridge Grammar School, Tonbridge, Kent

At Tonbridge Grammar School we aim to provide a curriculum to develop inquisitive thinkers with a love of learning who cherish independent thought.

Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School TWGGS, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

At Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School (TWGGS) we aim to provide for each girl a full and balanced education for life within a caring environment.

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Features curriculum information, Adminssions, Sixth Form information, Term Dates, OFSTED review, Enrichment, School Uniform info, Humanities Status details, Newsletters. Sports Fixtures and Practices for the week and much more.

Uplands Community College, Wadhurst, East Sussex

Uplands is dynamic, forward thinking, proud of its many achievements and yet has the integrity to face up to the many challenges in the world today. Central to our success is a commitment to high quality teaching and learning and a belief that learning is not just about leaving school with a clutch of certificates, but ‘preparing for a future we cannot imagine’ in which all young people can succeed.

Weald of Kent Grammar School, Tonbridge, Kent

Weald of Kent is a vibrant community where a students individuality is celebrated, independence is nurtured, leadership and teamwork enjoyed.

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