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Recruitment in and around Tunbridge Wells

Find Recruitment in and around Tunbridge Wells, Kent, including contact details, local maps and information

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Floss Agency, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Floss Agency is a dynamic forward thinking employment agency based in Tunbridge Wells. It serves companies and organisations in both Kent and East Sussex.

STA Career Consulting, Edenbridge, Kent

STA Career Consulting provides career enhancing tools, workshops and advice as well as personalised Career Coaching to help individuals achieve their career goals by providing advice, guidance and support on the following:- •How to prepare an effective and powerful Curriculum Vitae. •How to complete on and offline Application Forms. •How to prepare for the various types of Interviews including techniques and tips to consider before, during and after the interview. •How to interview successfully through Mock Interview Practice including constructive evaluation, feedback and a written report outlining areas for improvement and developmental advice. •How to prepare for the range of recruitment screening exercises used in Assessment Centres. We also partner schools by providing workshops, seminars and careers fairs. Tammie Lawson, CIPD Tammie is an experienced Human Resources specialist and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development with a career of twelve years global recruitment, training and graduate/MBA marketing experience specialising in the investment banking sector. She focuses on enhancing the potential to achieve for both individuals and groups through Career Coaching and is qualified to deliver and assess psychometric testing. Samantha Glendinning, MCIPD Sam is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development with twenty years of global recruitment experience. She has worked in both the private and public arenas, across a range of sectors providing recruitment advice and services, including individual Career Coaching. She is qualified to deliver and assess psychometric testing to consolidate the strategic recruitment process.

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